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> EXCLUSIVE! Ceiba Expeditions with Marc van Roosmalen

Brazilian Amazon: the Rio Aripuanã Basin
10-day Expeditions: March 27-April 5, 2015 and August 11-20, 2015

• Join us on an utterly unique Amazon adventure. This expedition is
offered by no one else.
• Travel by air-conditioned Amazon riverboat and take canoe excursions
into flooded forests and along remote tributaries.
• Search for the recently discovered second smallest monkey in the world,
the black-crowned dwarf marmoset – which has the smallest distribution of any
Amazonian monkey and perhaps of any monkey in the world – a total of only 3,000 hectares.
• A once in a life time opportunity to look for at least two suspected new
Amazonian mammal species: a third fresh-water river dolphin, and a dwarf manatee.
• Explore pristine rainforest in a never-visited area of the Amazon and
experience caboclo/mestizo’s (half-caste Amerindian riverbank dweller) life.


RIO ARIPUANÃ: Brazil's Next National Park and World Heritage Site? >
Read Marc's incredible description of the natural history of the Rio Aripuanã basin and his compelling case for protecting the area as a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

TWO NEW SPECIES: The black dwarf tapir and fair brocket deer >
With Marc's call for greater protection of the Rio Aripuanã Basin, read his description of two new species he discovered in the region, the black dwarf lowland tapir and fair brocket deer!

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